Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sarasota Job Spot... What's that?

So I guess you're wondering what the Sarasota Job Spot is and where it came from. This blog is an information tool that will give job search tips and techniques, resume help, alert you of job fairs and more. Companies can purchase a posting to have one written about their company and it's job opportunities or buy ad space on the blog.

Readers can also leave questions to get more information about what ever subjects they need assistance in. You can also use the handy search engine on the right hand corner to search for jobs in the Sarasota area.

The Sarasota Job Spot also provides helpful links for job seekers to get the latest news about the ever changing job industry along with a mini chat room to talk to me instantly while you're on the blog. There are also links to the other community blogs owned by The EmploymentGuide® which you are welcome to visit and read. Each blog contains different information about jobs and job searching that you can find extremely valuable. Make sure you add the Sarasota Job Spot feed to your favorites so you can keep up with the daily updates which can help improve your job search.

Please remember that each blogs content is the opinion of the authors and not necessarily the opinions and/or views of The Employment Guide®, or Dominion Enterprises.

Happy Hunting Sarasota!

Samara Bowling

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