Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Did you Leave your last Job?

The above title is an interview question that almost all job candidates will be asked at their interview. It's best that if you have an upcoming interview then you should prepare a good acceptable answer for the famous "Why did you leave your last job?" question.

Never say anything negative about the job or your employer. In any question that you answer at your interview even if you do hold some sort of grudge with your previous employer do not let that be known. Your potential boss will not want someone negative or "grudge holding" because this to them can interfere with your work abilities, show that you will be incompatible or difficult to work with, and it also can bar you from the job you are seeking completely.

Acceptable answers are:
  • Downsizing - "The company was downsizing so that is why I am open for a new opportunity."
  • Layoffs - "The company laid of a lot employees do to a financial crisis so that's why I'm available."
  • Relocation - "We relocated to explore new job opportunities in the area."
  • More Challenge - "I wanted more challenging opportunities with a chance to grow with the company and I could not accomplish this is a small company."
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Samara Bowling

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